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Cheap Icons
2023-08-04 11:39:56

I am fascinated by the idea that many icons in the world of watches, stationery, things like that, are among the very cheapest of their kind.

Utility and ubiquity over time can give products a truly iconic status, despite them being, in some cases, incredibly cheap.

The Rolex Oyster is a true icon, but equally so it the humble Casio F91w.

I bought one off Amazon the other day for less than £20. It's super thin, light and comfortable. It's accurate. It has features that can't be had on a mechanical watch. It also says absolutely nothing about you when you wear it, which can be useful in some situations.

Similarly the original design Swatch. But the disadvantage of that is that it ticks so loudly you have to leave it deep in your sock drawer at night.

The world of stationery is jam packed full of these sort of iconic designs. The Bic Cristal, the Pilot G2, So many iconic pencil designs.

You truly can surround yourself with good design without spending much money.